1. Bert Juffer
    28/01/2014 @ 00:17

    Meindert,the intake valve is on the conversion , the exhaust valve is like the original gas engine (originally only intake and ignition on the slide valve)

  2. Dansk Motor og maskinsamling
    27/01/2014 @ 21:23

  3. Meindert Koning
    27/01/2014 @ 21:19

    Well, Bert Juffer i see clearly a intake and underneath the exhaust valve. At top of the cilinder head a petroleum vaporisor????

  4. Bert Juffer
    27/01/2014 @ 21:14

    Looks like a slide valve flame ignition engine later converted to oil engine (conversion seems inspired by Tangye oil engines)

  5. Dansk Motor og maskinsamling
    27/01/2014 @ 21:06

    Gas engine.

  6. Meindert Koning
    27/01/2014 @ 21:00

    Looks nice! Is this a oil engine???

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